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A NOTE FROM Tom Natelli

Thoughtful Planning, Timeless Design, Attention to Detail.

These concepts in large part capture the essence of our company’s operating philosophy. After having developed properties for almost 30 years now, we’ve come to believe there are fundamental principles that should drive our development efforts, if we are to achieve our goal of creating great places that home buyers and business owners will to seek out over all others.

AT THE OUTSET - because we develop large-scale communities, we realize that we bring tremendous change to the local communities that were already there before we arrived. We realize that it’s important to hear from those living and working in these communities at the outset, so we can better understand their concerns and observations and so we can incorporate their suggestions into our development plans, to the extent reasonably possible. If we can do it better than we thought, we ought to consider it. If we can reasonably mitigate the impacts, we ought to accomodate it.

IT WILL BE THERE FOR A LONG, LONG, TIME - We also realize that what we design and implement will ultimately become part of the built environment that others will experience (for better or for worse), for perhaps the next 75 or 100 years, until redevelopment occurs sometime in the distant future. We have the opportunity to design our communities thoughtfully and to execute them well. Frankly, given the significant role we play in helping to create the fabric of the local communities in which we operate, we have an obligation to those that are there now, and to those that come after us, to do it well.

THE MOST IMPORTANT INVESTMENT – to move into one of our communities means that an individual or family has made a life decision to choose an environment created by us in which to raise a family, share a home, shop, work, relax, enjoy, simply live. This is a fundamental decision that bears on almost all aspects of a person’s life. It’s vital to them, it’s vital to us.

FIND THE RIGHT BALANCE – trends come and go, but true quality is lasting. Some innovations in design and materials make sense, and some come at too great a price, too great a compromise to the quality of the built environment. Take a thoughtful approach to preserving the environment and to finding balance between the needs of our residents and appropriate preservation techniques and systems.